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That rejection continues to this day.

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One of the first to appreciate James's concept was the Swiss psychologist, Theodore Flournoy, a mentor of Jung. In a book about James Flournoy wrote:.

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The 20th century philosopher Kitaro Nishida—introduced to James by D. Suzuki—compared James's concept of sciousness and his phrase "pure experience" to tathata or suchness. Yet James scholars today still do not agree on how receptive James himself remained to sciousness. As psychologist Benny Shanon observed recently:. Toggle nav Word finder Word definitions sciousness. Find the word definition Enter the word Find. Of course, any comments or suggestions would be quite welcome.

Sciousness of europeans more unwilling to be

This is an interesting yet confusing approach for many on the first read. To me, this fact makes the whole approach quite feeble. The model only purports to explain nonverbal instances of belief attribution. Paul, thank you for the clarification, now I understand it better. Good luck, it looks you are facing a hard job, but any results you get might shed light on this difficult issue.

Thomas Natsoulas, The sciousness hypothesis: Part I - PhilPapers

The unit of composition of our perception of time is a duration, with a bow and a stern, as it were — a rearward — and a forward-looking end. He describes durations as arrangements of events out there, amongst the objects within perceptual experience. See Radical Empiricism and New Empiricism. I am sorry to be churlish Peter, but your blog seems to be devoid of any understanding of the problem of time and the separate problem of change.


Whether it is the timing of mental events or the relationship between the static states of computers and the fluid, extended present of our experience your articles adamantly refuse to draw attention to the possibility that time is the central factor and our ignorance of the nature of time the cause of the apparent mystery. John, even more, mental events have no time, unless you have a mapping to neural correlates that can have an associated physical time, which is not the case in general.

Think of the paradoxical time of dreams. James was a good philosopher but a bad physicist in what to time concerns. Peter, thank you for your offer. I am off on holiday in a couple of days but would be interested to pursue this in February. Vicente, your example is demonstrative of some of the difficulties with the idea of time. Change rate can be equated or measured against a change rate standard or pattern, e. This McTaggart seconds per second looks like Marx Bros joke. The problem is that the speed of light is finite and constant, and that creates a big complexity to fix and relate events cause-effect in a time axis special relativity to make it worse, time is intrinsically associated to the space fabric, spacetime, and then time measurement depends on the space metric… hell… general relativity….

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Then you have time direction related to the statistical evolution of thermodynamic magnitudes, mainly entropy… etc etc…. The point is that phenomenological experience seems to have a psychological time, very much related to the perception of the physical world, but this psychological time seems to be quite decoupled from the physical time, it looks more like the time parameter in a computer simulation, when they say real time environments, something is not true.

By introspection you can check that mind time is funny, incredibly elastic… it is not a physical time in general. In my opinion, we cannot apply the concept of time to our inner world, just notice that it changes, but there is no real clock.

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Change is not time. The fact that change is not dimensional time can be illustrated by considering an atomic clock. For example, I could gather together a mass of radioactive material and select decays at 0.

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So what selects the stream of events that is time passing? There is a fairly cogent discussion of dimensional time at Wikibook on Special Relativity. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.