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If I were in a dogfight, I'd prefer to be flying the Spitfire. The problem was I wouldn't like to be in a dogfight near Berlin, because I could never get home to Britain in a Spitfire! The U.

Air Forces, Flight Test Engineering, assessed the Mustang B on 24 April thus: "The rate of climb is good and the high speed in level flight is exceptionally good at all altitudes, from sea level to 40, feet. The airplane is very maneuverable with good controllability at indicated speeds up to MPH [sic]. The stability about all axes is good and the rate of roll is excellent; however, the radius of turn is fairly large for a fighter. The cockpit layout is excellent, but visibility is poor on the ground and only fair in level flight.

Their turn rate was about the same. The P was faster than us, but our munitions and cannon were better.

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It was fast, maneuverable, hard to see, and difficult to identify because it resembled the Me ". In the aftermath of World War II, the USAAF consolidated much of its wartime combat force and selected the P as a "standard" piston-engined fighter, while other types, such as the P and P, were withdrawn or given substantially reduced roles. As the more advanced P and P jet fighters were introduced, the P was also relegated to secondary duties.

In , the designation P P for pursuit was changed to F F for fighter and the existing F designator for photographic reconnaissance aircraft was dropped because of a new designation scheme throughout the USAF. They remained in service from through From the start of the Korean War , the Mustang once again proved useful. The F was used for ground attack, fitted with rockets and bombs, and photo reconnaissance, rather than being as interceptors or "pure" fighters.

After the first North Korean invasion, USAF units were forced to fly from bases in Japan and the FDs, with their long range and endurance, could attack targets in Korea that short-ranged F jets could not. Because of the vulnerable liquid cooling system, however, the Fs sustained heavy losses to ground fire. The Mustangs were replaced by Gloster Meteor F8s in The rights to the Mustang design were purchased from North American by the Cavalier Aircraft Corporation, which attempted to market the surplus Mustang aircraft in the U.

Merlin-Powered Spitfires - Warbird Tech Vol. 35

They all had an original FD-type canopy, but carried a second seat for an observer behind the pilot. One additional Mustang was a two-seat, dual-control TFD with an enlarged canopy and only four wing guns. The last U.

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This aircraft was so successful that the Army ordered two FDs from Cavalier in for use at Fort Rucker as chase planes. They were assigned the serials and These Fs had wingtip fuel tanks and were unarmed. Following the end of the Cheyenne program, these two chase aircraft were used for other projects. The F was adopted by many foreign air forces and continued to be an effective fighter into the mids with smaller air arms.

The last Mustang ever downed in battle occurred during Operation Power Pack in the Dominican Republic in , with the last aircraft finally being retired by the Dominican Air Force in Some were sold to former wartime fliers or other aficionados for personal use, while others were modified for air racing. The aircraft was modified by creating a "wet wing", sealing the wing to create a giant fuel tank in each wing, which eliminated the need for fuel stops or drag-inducing drop tanks.

He also set a U.

Merlin-Powered Spitfires (Warbird Tech Vol 35)

The Mantz Mustang was sold to Charles F. For this feat, he was awarded the Harmon Trophy and the Air Force was forced to change its thoughts on a possible Soviet air strike from the north. Udvar-Hazy Center. The most prominent firm to convert Mustangs to civilian use was Trans-Florida Aviation, later renamed Cavalier Aircraft Corporation, which produced the Cavalier Mustang. Modifications included a taller tailfin and wingtip tanks. A number of conversions included a Cavalier Mustang specialty: a "tight" second seat added in the space formerly occupied by the military radio and fuselage fuel tank.

In effect, Garrison flew each of the surviving aircraft at least once. These aircraft make up a large percentage of the aircraft presently flying worldwide. In the late s and early s, when the United States Department of Defense wished to supply aircraft to South American countries and later Indonesia for close air support and counter insurgency , it turned to Cavalier to return some of their civilian conversions back to updated military specifications.

Except for the small numbers assembled or produced in Australia, all Mustangs were built by North American initially at Inglewood, California , but then additionally in Dallas, Texas. As indicative of the iconic nature of the P, manufacturers within the hobby industry have created scale plastic model kits of the P Mustang, with varying degrees of detail and skill levels. The aircraft have also been the subject of numerous scale flying replicas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see P disambiguation. Fighter aircraft. Main article: North American P Mustang variants.

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Merlin Powered Spitfires (Warbird Tech Vol 35) 2002

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Aviation portal. Mustang Designer: Edgar Schmued and the P Smithsonian Institution. That horsepower gained by the radiator was only discovered by wind-tunnel investigation Comparison was between wind-tunnel tests of full-scale models, with normal heating thermic engine and without heat production electric engine.

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