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Critics have been unable to avoid comparisons with the Birnies. The film-makers, for their part, strongly resist the suggestion that Hounds is a true-crime story. Writer-director Ben Young has said that he drew on accounts of nine different murderous couples in developing the script, which explores the psychological dependencies that lead female killers to assist their partners in murder.

I even looked up the house that the Birnie murders took place in on one of those real-estate websites and the layout of the house in Hounds of Love is almost identical. Hounds of Love is only the latest in a series of Australian films that draw on gruesome true-crime stories, and not always without controversy.

Milat murdered seven people between and , beating, stabbing, and shooting his victims and burying them in Belanglo state forest in New South Wales.

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Like the Birnies, he preyed on hitchhikers, especially foreign tourists — two British women, and three Germans among them. Milat was given a life sentence in He shot and killed Falconio, and assaulted and attempted to kidnap Lees, trussing her up and putting her in the back of his pick-up before she managed to escape. Murdoch was convicted and given a year sentence in Eight bodies were found stored in barrels in a disused bank in Snowtown, a small community to the north of the city.

A further four were discovered in an Adelaide backyard formerly occupied by John Bunting , an ex-abattoir worker and ringleader of the killers, who was convicted of 11 murders in A second accomplice, Robert Wagner, was found guilty of seven murders, and a third, James Vlassakis, pleaded guilty to four a jury failed to reach a verdict in the murder trial of a fourth man, Mark Ray Haydon, who pleaded guilty to helping the killers dispose of bodies. Before its release, there was an outcry from family members of the victims, who expressed concerns that Snowtown would be exploitative, or that it might generate empathy for the killers.

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Though they range in focus from outright horror to grim psychological drama, these films all share a realist sensibility and an unflinching attitude to violence. They have also been boons to Australian cinema — bringing critical and commercial accolades to the industry, and launching the careers of their directors.

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Meanwhile positive notices for Hounds of Love at its Venice film festival premiere last year ended up securing US representation for director Ben Young and a deluge of scripts to consider. But questions continue about the wisdom — and ethics — of dramatising, or lifting elements from, real killings in service of a marketable film experience, especially when victims of these crimes are still in the community.

Nellie must dig deep to restore her faith in herself and her chosen profession. Our lucky winners were Carol Y.

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By the time they find her body, the storm has broken and the snow is coming down hard. While Brody hikes down to bring back the forensics team and veterinarian Cole Walker gathers supplies to protect them from the storm, Mattie and Robo find themselves alone, guarding the gravesite overnight in the dead of the early winter. Our lucky winners were Bobby M. Love and marriage are in the autumn air. Sadly, front-page stories prove to be as scarce as a hermit crab on the beach. In a desperate attempt to get some news, Mallie covers the town council election debate, which erupts into a melee.

Afterward, one of the candidates — landscaper Bucky McGuire — turns up dead in a fish tank. Mallie has her headline. The only catch is that her landlady and best friend, Wanda Sue, becomes the prime suspect. Our lucky winners were Annie H. In a courtroom clash that will put their reputations and lives at stake, can McMurtrie and Drake release Bo from a lifetime of despair?

Or will justice remain hidden somewhere between black and white?

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Thanks to publicist Angelle Barbazon, we have one copy of this legal thriller to give away. Our lucky winner was Ben O.

Jenny, however, believes Zoe innocent, so the two women team up to find the true culprit, investigating the richest family in Bear Falls, interrogating a few odd townspeople and delving into old, hidden transgressions — until another body turns up. Thanks to Heather Boak from Crooked Lane Books we have five hardcover copies to give away of this cozy series debut, inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

Our lucky winners were Cindi L. This time they draw a wild card. The incident makes no ripple in the summer insanity of Nausset, the most fashionable beach property in the world. Fading aristocrats sit up all night at the windows of their wooden castles, while endless, drunken tourists stream by below. The ferries run day and night. Land prices creep higher — like the thermometer — and the drinks are always served by blank-faced foreigners counting the days on their work permits.

honeymoons can be murder a girl and her dog cozy mystery charlie parker mystery book 6 Manual

One of these workers has disappeared. The local police know how the island works. But not Jim Hawkins. Hawkins may be the worst cop ever to put on a uniform, and he may not care about drunks or land deals, but after his tour in the Army, he is done letting people be hurt. Our lucky winners were Ed F. Koreto , introduces Lady Frances Ffolkes, an Edwardian-era suffragette who has an uncanny ability to attract danger and romance. Despite kerfuffles with Scotland Yard and the British Secret Service, Frances never backs down and finds herself in several very unfortunate positions — and one very fortunate love triangle.

This debut mystery features an extraordinary woman living in extraordinary times. Our lucky winners were Athena P.

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Gina soon discovers the stories are true—the doctor is not only acting in an unethical manner, he may also be complicit in two or three hideous murders. That knowledge quickly makes her the new target of the desperate doctor… and a vicious hit man, who is determined to hunt her down and kill her no matter what. Thanks to the authors we have two copies of the sixth in this medical thriller series to give away.

Our lucky winners were Bev J. A year running the Confederate-themed gun shop she inherited with its busy schedule of reenactments. A year of confronting a checkered list of ruffians and outright villains, mostly now put behind bars. But here comes Jasper again, complete with a fancy, high-priced new lawyer and a scheme that will surely ruin Tai and Trey financially. But is there more?

When other witnesses against Jasper start turning up dead, she decides she has to take him down once and for all. Worst of all, her relationship with Trey starts to fray, and she realizes that chasing the truth might cost her the man she loves. Thanks to publicist Maryglenn McComb we have one copy of this fifth in the series to give away. Our lucky winner was Roberta K.

Doubting she can solve another murder, especially that of a relative she despised, Kate reluctantly agrees. And then a local FBI agent takes notice of more than her driving and sleuthing skills. Kate must stay on her toes as the Long Beach race weekend begins. On track, red flags fly to warn her of danger. Thanks to publicist Maryglenn McCombs we have a copy of this 4th in the series to give away. Our lucky winner was Melanie B. Medical science and governments around the world scramble in an effort to solve the problem, but after twenty-five years there is no cure, and an entire generation grows up with a population of fewer than a thousand women.

Zoey and some of the surviving young women are housed in a scientific research compound dedicated to determining the cause. Winning her freedom will take brutality she never imagined she possessed, as well as all her strength and cunning — but Zoey is ready for war.

Honeymoons Can Be Murder: A Girl and Her Dog Cozy Mystery

Thanks to publicist Wiley Saichek we have a copy of this first in the Dominion Thriller trilogy to give away. Our lucky winner was Steve K. Instead he stumbles into a conspiracy his Special Forces training never prepared him for. To clear his name and avoid prosecution, he must team up with beautiful Chinese CDC microbiologist Dr. As their investigation proceeds, their budding friendship is tested by nationalistic loyalties and suspicion.

Thanks to Heather Boak of Crooked Lane Books we have five paperback copies of this thriller to give away. Our lucky winners were Arnold L. Dying for a Taste Crooked Lane Books , by Leslie Karst, introduces Sally Solari, who quits her job as an attorney after losing her mother to cancer to help her dad run his old-style Italian eatery in Santa Cruz, California.