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Chefs have their own, equally brazen iconography — honed knives and cleavers, butcher charts, a skeleton brandishing a T-bone, and that most gangsta of produce: the artichoke.

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One even had the likeness of farm-to-table guru Alice Waters inked on her arm. Christina Wilson, the chef of Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas, shares her recipe for pan-roasted filet in a red wine bone marrow sauce with gorgonzola potato puree.

Chefs Ink: Inside the World of Culinary Tattoos

Her tattoo? He expected a tidy little thesis about why chefs are drawn to ink to emerge from the interviews, but it never did.

Knives & Ink PDF | Cookbooks | Chef tattoo, Culinary tattoos, Cooking tattoo

Since then, he has embarked on a half-sleeve showcasing a bucolic farm scene befitting his farm-to-table ethos — a pitchfork, a wheelbarrow, a harvest of rainbow chard. Tattoo ink is generally sold ready-to-use, and typically contains a number of ingredients, including colorants, preservatives, binding agents and fillers.

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The overall longevity and potential toxicity may differ depending on the color. To make black ink, for instance, manufacturers might use soot or powdered jet, or cinnabar and common rust to make red.

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Tattoos can camouflage moles, however, making it difficult to monitor tattooed patients for skin cancer. And tattoo ink ingredients like cadmium have been found in lymph nodes, which help filter waste from the body.

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According to the EU study, these substances could spread from the lymph nodes to the rest of the body, although more research is needed to support this theory, wrote the authors. The most common tattoo-related complaints he sees in his practice are skin irritations, usually caused by red ink, which typically contains mercury, a known allergen. Almost half of these reactions were to red ink, while one-third of the cases were linked to black ink. As for tattoo artists, most do care about the safety of the pigments that they use on their clients, said Mike Martin, a veteran tattoo artist and president of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, a nonprofit that promotes safe tattooing.

Without strong regulations, however, problematic inks will continue to show up at tattoo parlors. For example, tattoo manufacturers can use different recipes and make their own blends, which could contain different levels of carcinogens and allergens.

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  • Tattoo a pork belly with squid ink.

Eat Ink : Recipes. Explore the connection between culinary inspiration and one of the world's oldest forms of rebel art! From James Beard Award winners, Top Chef competitors, and Food Network stars to prep cooks, interns, and sous chefs, few other people are more closely associated with tattoos than chefs.